Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eastern Research Services (Texas) Abruptly Closes, 150 Laid Off

Some layoff stories are actually more heartless than others. This is one of the bad ones, as reported by a local Texas television station:
A west El Paso research company shut its doors for good Thursday, which left 150 people out of work. Employees said the layoffs happened overnight and with no warning.

The employees of Eastern Research Services said they walked into work Thursday morning and were immediately called into a meeting to be told they were being let go. After being escorted out by security, a group of employees gathered outside to break the news to their co-workers.

"We were at work yesterday. We had extra hours," said P. Haji Rivera.

Just 24 hours later.

"We're working one day and today we're out of work," said Rivera.

Rivera said some were notified of the layoffs when they called the employee hotline.

"ERS is permanently seizing operations and shutting down all of its offices," said a recording on the hotline.

Other employees of the company said when they showed up for work managers told them all ERS offices across the country were closing their doors for good.

"The company has been losing money for some time and no longer has the ability to continue operating," the recording said.

The company based in Pennsylvania does polling and market research for many agencies.

"We were hoping that they give us at least a notice, like a week notice that they're going to be closing down, not just overnight," said Rivera.
That's the problem with the recent trend to change over from having "Personnel" to having "Human Resources." When you are merely a resource, they think they can treat you like just another piece of furniture.

Bonus: I guess all we can do for El Paso is play you a song


  1. Now we even have "People Services"... in case the thin paint job on 'resources' starts to show...

  2. The worst part of this whole thing is we aren't getting the money they owe us for working these past two weeks:(. I poured my heart, blood, sweat and tears into that company for over 7 years.
    My only comfort is that the CEO will most likely never get another job as a CEO. He ran the company into the ground by expanding too much and ignoring the call to shift technologies to online data collection. Most research companies I'm seeing online hire home workers for interviewing going through VOIP servers and entering data online from home. Instead, the grand vision got in the way of practicality.
    I'm very sad I didn't get to say goodbye to many of my department's employees across the nation. If any of you are reading this, It was a grand pleasure working with you all. It was like an extended family. I'll miss you.

    1. Unfortunately, this CEO sounds like the go-to guy that businesses today are looking for...

    2. Not only the employees got the shaft, but their clients did too. I work for a large market research company who uses (used) ERS, and all the sudden one day, their phones are off, their emails go unanswered, and their online portals don't work. So, they didn't even have the courtesy of calling their clients even after the fact. Now we bear the burden (costs) of scrambling to find a new home for our phone work. This doesn't add up. Something smells...and it ain't my pits. Someone should start digging. The capital company that owns ERS needs to be investigated. Hopefully there are some good citizen-journalists out there who uncover the real story.

    3. To anonymous, that worked for ERS, I as well worked for ERS for the past about a year, till the day they shut down, Its ridiculous I was working wednesday night, extra hours, time and a half, them begging us to stay, and then this. When I found out, I cried....

      Needless to say (I am in fl, work for the npr office) I hope the CEOs got whats coming to them, as many of us thankfully found a new job, some of us together which we are happy for!

      Good luck with everything, and if I can get the chance, id like to add all the el paso ERS employees on FB! It is like an extended family.

      Find the tampabay times article, read the ridiculous things people posted because of their incorrect beliefs about the kind of work we did. LOL

      And to the other one who works for market research, I agree with you, something isnt right and its ridiculous...Ive always wanted to look up a market research company and go work for them i have been doing it for so long, not only for ERS, but for another around me, but id never want to give business to them, as they are disgusting and run theirs so much worse than anyone can ever dream of with ers....they have very dirty things going on and when you catch onto it, they fire you lol. Gotta love FL, right to work state! Find it on FB :)

  3. I litigate WARN cases on behalf of employees and the facts surrounding the closure, as reported in the press, sound like the company may have violated the law. Seems like they fired the employees without giving them 60 days notice. Does anyone know?

    1. Roupinian, PLEASE CONTACT ME!! I am doing everything I can to find out and was just looking at the WARN website. All ERS employees could use some help claiming and collecting our final wages. There are approximately 350 people or more involved.
      You can call my home number, 352-544-2441 or by email at:
      They are ignoring my questions regarding final wages, but answered my questions about the 401K.
      I understand we can claim against the bankruptcy and get first priority on the money so we get our back wages. But if they don't give us any information we won't know where or how to claim. And yes, they fired ALL employees without ANY warning. The email sent out for a meeting sounded like a regular meeting being scheduled and started with "It's been about a month since we had our last town hall meeting..." Then when the meeting convened, we were informed to leave the building, security personnel showed up and we were told to clock out and leave - company closed.

  4. Hi Everyone.

    This is Stephan Morin here. Most of those who worked at ERS in NPR know of me. Yes I was the kooky one as Loraine so aptly described to me. I have some news here for those who may want to get their final check for ALL ERS employees.The phone number is 610-566-1006. The web site is I had heard that he is currently handling approximatly 200 former ers employees.
    Also can ANYONE tell me the phone number to the company that handled the 401k. I don't have the info and I would greatly appreciate it. My email is Thanks.
    Finally, though ERS gave us the cold shaft without warning, I have to say that the time that I spent with all of You were to me very special. For 2 and a half years that I spent there I kind of consider ERS like a second family and I miss you all

    1. This is Arik Benari. We're preparing the case against ERS and have many of the extended ERS employees already signed on. The more of you who sign with us the stronger our position, so please email me at with your contact information.

  5. I worked at ERS for plus yrs, and I know that I will have a hard time finding another job that will work for me. Took me forever to find a job that work for me in my situation. I TRULY HOPE AND PRAY people do alot of soul searching. The saying is what comes around goes around !!!!! I TREAT OTHERS AS I WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED AS I WAS TAUGHT BY MY PARENTS, I GUESS THESE SO CALLED BUSINESS OWNERS CEO WERE TAUGHT NOTHING BY PARENTS OR GROWNUPS. PLEASE HELP GET OUR PAYCHECKS !!!!---

  6. Now going into May and I never got my last check. I jumped on the bandwagon and I am hoping that something gives way. Funny thing is, the ERS website is still up. The higher up's can defend ERS all they want but their is definately illegal actions that happened. A company doesn't just up and close down at a dimes notice. Seems like the company was losing clients and money and the CEO, or the company who bought out ERS wanted to line up their wallets. It was a pleasure working with all of you in the N.P.R. store. Miss you all!!