Sunday, March 11, 2012

Portland (Oregon) Siltronic Office Laying Off 350

Not a whole lot of explanation to go with this particular mass layoff story. Here is a local Oregon television station with the details:
The Portland office of a German semiconductor company is laying off 350 people because of low demand for a certain type of silicon wafer.

Production of the 150 mm silicon wafer in Portland will stop in fall, Siltronic announced Friday. The company called demand for the wafer "permanently low."

About 750 people currently work at the Portland location. Those affected by the layoffs will get severance packages, a company spokesman said.

According to its website, Siltronic opened the Portland location in 1979.
I guess there isn't really a whole lot else to say.

Bonus: This story does give me a chance to post another song from outstanding Portland indie rock band, Typhoon


  1. I do like the implied honesty of calling demand for a particular product as "permanently low."

    It would be nice to hear that more and more in the context of describing the many superfluities of America's Second Gilded Age which ended in 2008.

  2. Seems two people didn't get laid off soon enough -

    Two people were injured Thursday night when chemicals inside a reactor container exploded at the Wacker Siltronics plant in Northwest Portland.