Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Top 10 End of The World Novels List Is Now On

It has been a long time since I actually got paid to write something. A decade ago I was an aspiring mystery writer who actually had a contract with a small publisher for a private eye novel I wrote. During that period, I also managed to sell a short story to a dead tree mystery magazine (now long defunct) and had a short lived regular column about assassinations for the same magazine. When the publisher went out of business before my novel came out, I became frustrated and didn't take up writing as a hobby regularly again until I started this gig.

So I was quite pleased when the website picked up my submission of an article I did for them consolidating the End of the World novels list I posted here at TDS last June. And the best part is, they actually PAID me.

So in case you're interested some tips concerning quality apocalyptic fiction to pass the time while we wait for things to wind down in meat space, here's the link to the article:

Top 10 End of the World Novels


Bonus: But of course


  1. Nice, Bill!

    Look what the White house released on Friday, probably at 4:55 pm...wonder how many lawyers have been working on this for how long...

    Get ready for 1984

    1. While that order is ominous, it is actually not unprecedented and is similar to one signed by Bill Clinton back in 1994 (the year of NAFTA's passage, coincidentally). Not that it likely won't be the basis for government abuses when things really start to collapse, I just wouldn't place too much importance on the timing as indicating that anything dire is necessarily imminent.

  2. Shute's _On The Beach_ became a favorite in the 60's, when I first read it. 40 years later, or about 10 years ago, I traveled to and across Australia, partly because I'd wanted to since reading that book. (Not that I told anyone of this 'inspiration.') On my first day day in country, before being able to check into my hotel, I walked down the long stone staircase from Queen's Park to the Sydney waterfront and, at the foot of the stairs, was (and still is) a "commemorative manhole cover," part of some public art project saluting notable Aussies, dedicated to Nevil Shute. It was one of those moments where you could hear the universe align. :-)

  3. Congratulations, Bill!

    Nuclear War is nearly inevitable. How many times have weapons been developed and deployed and then not used extensively? We've been lucky, and had plenty of oil and "green revolution" food to go around the last several decades. The time of resource wars is again (wars are always resource wars at their foundation) and probably sooner rather than later.