Saturday, March 24, 2012

Briggs & Stratton Laying Off Another 210 Employees (Missouri)

I last posted about Briggs & Stratton back on January 27th when the company closed a Tennessee plant. This time it is Missouri's turn to feel the pain, as reported by a local television station:
The Briggs and Stratton Corporation announced layoffs Thursday at its Poplar Bluff plant.

The company says effective April 12, 2012 approximately 210 employees will lose their jobs.

The Poplar Bluff facility manufactures small engines for the worldwide outdoor power equipment industry.
And just like in that last announcement, the company doesn't mince words on the real state of the economy:
"The economic environment and levels of consumer spending on outdoor power equipment continues to be challenging particularly in Europe, " said Dave DeBaets-Vice President North American Operations. "We will adjust production schedules to better align with decreased market demand. Although the decisions are difficult, evaluation of our manufacturing footprint is an ongoing process as we consider productivity and efficiency gains along with the changes in the markets we serve."

The Poplar Bluff plant also saw layoffs in 2011 in which 202 employees were laid off in October.
At least one worker appears to "get it," even if her statement is a little garbled:
Sue Sinclair is a 13 year employee and is not among the laid off workers. She expressed concerns for her co-workers and the city of Poplar Bluff as a whole.

"I hope it's because of the economy," said Sue Sinclair. "If people aren't bringing in money they can't be buying lawn mowers, and leaf blowers. I can understand that for sure and hope it turns around quick because it could hurt really bad."
Sadly, Ms. Sinclair, but it's going to hurt very bad.

Bonus: "This trickle down theory...has left all these pockets empty"


  1. Eh, another little one. How about T-Mobile's Friday afternoon announcement of the sacrifice of 1900 call center agents...and more to follow in July. C'mon 'bout a shout out for Big Pink? Surely they deserve a little attention for such a bold move.

    1. I didn't pick on T-Mobile (yet) because the claim they are hiring almost as many as they laid off at their other call centers. I try to limit the layoff posts to those that are unambiguous.