Monday, April 2, 2012

Aerospace Corp. In El Segundo (California) Lays Off 306 Workers

More defense war contractor cutbacks. Here is the Los Angeles Daily News with the details:
El Segundo-based Aerospace Corp. has laid off about 300 people, or 8 percent of its workforce, with most of the affected employees notified Thursday.

About two-thirds of the 306 workers who received pink slips are technical staff. The remainder are support staff such as secretaries, spokeswoman Sabrina Steele said.

Aerospace has about 4,000 employees, with 3,000 in California, mostly at the El Segundo headquarters. It is unclear how many affected workers were in El Segundo. The company has 17 locations nationwide.

In a statement, Mike Drennan, Aerospace senior vice president of operations and support group, said: "A workforce reduction is difficult for all involved, particularly those directly affected.

We did not make this decision lightly, but we are operating in a cost-constrained environment. As always, we remain focused on helping our customers succeed in their missions and providing them innovative solutions."
The Aerospace Corp. is a quasi-governmental company that advises the Air Force on critical rocket and satellite programs.
And so it goes.

Bonus: Sorry, Mr. Hammond, but I beg to differ


  1. For the love of God! Start a new war, or they might end up eating each other for food!

  2. Bill,

    Here's another article about copper theft, this time from the Sacramento Bee:

    For those with eyes to see, this is a birthing pain of the salvage/scavenge era yet to be born.