Saturday, April 28, 2012

Orion Bus Company (New York) To Lay Off 538

Just when we should be building more buses for public transportation systems, one of the domestic manufacturers is shutting down. Here is a local New York television station with the details:
The employees union for the workers at Orion Bus in Oriskany says that all 538 workers will be laid off sometime in the next two years, and that the layoffs are only a matter of when.

Tim Banas at the United Auto Workers Union said that at least 12 employees at Orion were laid off Thursday morning and that the company expects to lay off more in the days to come.

On Wednesday, Daimler announce that it would stop all production on new bus orders at the Oriskany-based company, but would continue bus maintenance work.
This is why I am so convinced we are heading towards collapse. For years now we have been making all the wrong decisions at the worst possible time, and I see no reason why that will not continue.

Bonus: Today is the day for Lou Reed's New York album here at TDS

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  1. As a maintenance worker for Portland Oregon's transit agency, I share your frustration. We are dealing with big budget shortfalls, and the talk is about cutting service and raising fares.

    Too few have the big picture understanding to grasp how very wrongheaded such moves are given the mandates of reality.

    On a personal note, I intend to become a journeyman light rail vehicle mechanic in the next four years.