Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Albertsons Closing 13 Florida Grocery Stores, 1,100 To Be Laid Off

There have been an awful lot of grocery store closings during the past year since I started doing this blog. Here is the latest such story from the Bradenton Herald:
Albertsons grocery store chain is closing 13 stores in Florida including its Manatee Avenue location in Bradenton and its Lockwood Ridge Road location, leaving only four stores operating in the state.

An estimated 1,100 employees will be affected, said Albertsons Public Affairs Director Christine Wilcox. Of those, 77 are located in the Manatee Avenue store, which has been operating since 1982.

"We've had to make a strategic decision in Florida to go with the stores that are doing the best," Wilcox said. The four remaining stores are located in Clearwater, Altamonte Springs, Oakland Park and Largo.
So, you "had to go with the sores that are doing the best?" You mean the mere four out 17? Sounds to me like the other four won't be around for that much longer either.

Bonus: They just keep them hanging on


  1. Alb. started "down" 20 years ago when they bought everything they could from coast-to coast.Then, even tho profitable, CEO & others decided to "cash in" & put CO. up for sale.Where are they now??ALB. entered FL.(1975?)& were a ruthless CO. to deal & work for.Feel bad for employees but there was never long term employment in the mix.NO, I never worked for "A" but was close to their operation for 13 years.What is left in FL. will be gone soon!

  2. I worked for Albertsons in the middle 90's and everything was good with expansion. Then, in the early 2000's Management did not have a good direction where they needed to compete with Wal-Mart and Publix. It is sad to see Albertsons go in Florida.

  3. Damn ! I like my Albertsons! Publix is a ripoff

  4. GO ahead and google" CEO Larry Johnson big payday" and you'll find out who really loves Albertson.

  5. Albertsons shutting down their stores may create unrest among people who regularly buy groceries from them. I have worked with Albertsons and they are highly cooperative and provide good facilities to their employees. For me it is sad news.
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