Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Video: Charlie Brooker Eviscerates The Daily Mail

Charlie Brooker is an extremely funny and talented television personality in Great Britain, who among his other accomplishments is the host of Newswipe and was the creator of the miniseries, Dead Set, which for my money is the best zombie movie ever made.

This video features Brooker's devastatingly funny takedown of the British tabloid, The Daily Mail, and its fetishistic obsession with the physical appearance of women in the media and entertainment industries.



  1. Oh dear god thank you Bill Hicks!! That was so funny, I sent to to all my friends and now we're making the rounds - this is the latest:

    Tonight I have a date with Dead Set if I can find it on itunes.

    1. Gail -- got you covered. The link for Dead Set is right here:


  2. Sweet mercy! Charlie Brooks is so funny and deadly accurate. Very sharp social commentary. I have not heard that since the late great George Carlin. Thank-you very much Bill Hicks.