Monday, November 14, 2011

Copper Thieves Steal Sword from Statue at Lincoln’s Tomb

This copper theft epidemic is getting out of hand:
Thieves have snatched a copper sword from the burial site of president Abraham Lincoln, one of the most revered leaders in US history, local media reported.

The roughly three-foot (90-centimeter) sword was brandished by the statue of a Civil War artillery officer at the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, located in Springfield, Illinois.

The sword was broken off at the handle, The State Journal-Register reported Friday.
Here's a clueless quote from a state official about the theft:
“We just cannot imagine why someone would even think about doing it, let alone climb up the steps and actually do it,” Illinois Historic Preservation Agency spokesman Dave Blanchette told Journal-Register.
Really, Mr. Blanchett? Is is THAT hard to figure out? Clearly, a person doesn't sink to the level it takes to commit a crime like this unless they have become VERY desperate. And I guess you haven't noticed this, but there are an awful lot of desperate people out there these days.


  1. Ha - this website has similar lists of indications of desparation:

    But frankly, in light of the Penn State scandal, I think the most telling indication of utter social failure I found today is the corrupt and ongoing coverup of sexual slavery reaching into the highest levels of government, over decades - the depravity is simply staggering:

    a video and link to a book that will make you gag.

  2. The detachment between the people and their supposed government is breathtaking.

  3. @Gail - yep. I have to admit, I'm pretty jaded, but the Penn State scandal actually surprised me.