Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alert the One Percenters - Titleist is Laying off Workers at its Golf Ball Factories

Not that you would probably suspect this from reading my blog, but I am not exactly a fan of the great sport of golf (insert eye roll emoticon here). Hanging around a perfectly manicured country club lawn trying to bang a little ball into a small hole with a bunch of well-to-do twits who have no clue what's really happening to the economy is just not my idea of a good time. So this report from the New England Business Journal didn't cause me to go into panic mode:
Seventy-seven temporary and regular employees were laid off at the end of October at Titleist golf ball plants 2 and 3, company spokesman Joe Gomes confirmed Tuesday.

Gomes called the layoffs part of the regular cycle of adjusting to market demand, which he said has been softer than expected.
What I really like about this article, however, is seeing the Corporate Flack tie himself in verbal knots:
"This is more of a seasonal thing," he said. "It's the regular way we do business depending on custom orders, the time of season, the time of year, so that's not unusual.
Ummm...you just got done saying that the layoffs were because demand was "softer than expected," fuckwit. Tell the fucking truth for once in your useless life. You're selling fewer golf balls because there are fewer goofballs out there who can still afford to put on a blindingly clashing outfit and spend three hours humiliating themselves on the links every weekend. There, was that so hard?

Bonus: My man Lewis Black on being a golfer.


  1. I am very glad I was alone with my computer when I listened to that clip from Lewis Black about golfing, because I was laughing so hard that I was kind of snorting, and I'm pretty sure that was quite unattractive.

    Even funnier though is the dismay that will soon catch up to the 1% when their toys start to go away. They think because they have money they can get whatever they want but the fact is, their favorite restaurants aren't going to stay in business when the 99% can't ever afford to eat out, and the same is true for many shops, and goods including golf balls, not to mention services like hospitals and universities.

  2. @Gail - I'm just finishing up a one volume history of Haiti. Yeah, the elites there partied hard after stealing all the wealth of the masses. But for many of them, the country's collapse had a tendency to periodically burst through their fortified walls and gun them down.