Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday TDS!

Well, it is hard to believe, but as of today it has already been a full year since I activated The Downward Spiral Blog. It is even harder to believe that in the past year I have written nearly 900 blog posts that have been viewed more than 450,000 times. In April alone, TDS's page view count soared to over 87,000, a new monthly record that beat March's previous monthly high by around 17,000. I guess I've managed to really strike a chord with my faithful readers.

The only downside is that the heavy blogging load has been kind of wearing me out lately (especially since I do still have my day job, damnit). Since last November or so, I've settled into a pattern where I've done one longer post each morning on a topic that really put a bee in my bonnet, followed up by two to three additional shorter posts on other relevant articles. In trying to keep up with the torrid pace I was setting, I have upon reflection been less than satisfied with a few of my recent ramblings.

To remedy this problem, I've decided to cut back a bit on writing longer posts in which I do much of the talking. From here on out I plan to compose the more in depth pieces as the mood strikes me rather than because I feel I HAVE to put something fresh up every day. Heck, it might even give me time to do some real research once in awhile. But don't worry, I still intend to do daily posts on relevant news stories, especially those from local media sources that don't necessarily get a lot of coverage on other economic blogs. The media in general does a very poor job of making any links between such related stories, and I like to think that is where TDS really provides a valuable service.

As always, my most heartfelt thanks goes out to you, my regular readers. You are what makes this effort so worthwhile.



Bonus: "Happy Birthday to me and to you"


  1. Excellent work Bill! Appreciate all the posts and certainly understand the burnout issue, take a well deserved break, all of this wears on you.

  2. Congratulations Bill!

    I understand the "tyranny of the blog," so I hope you don't get over-concerned with hitting "peak TDS." Eventually this will happen, even if you spent 100% of your time on TDS.

    Although news aggregation sites, like 3e's, are very valuable, I for one, appreciate your efforts to step back and provide some broader context or linkages between the hundreds of news stories that fly under the main stream media's radar.


  3. The Downward Spiral is one of my most-favored blog sites (great content, opinion and style). It doesn't matter to me how many times you post, or how long they are; i'll continue to enjoy them. Thanks so much, Bill, for your commitment to this web site, the time and thought you put into your posts. Congrats on the one-year anniv.

  4. Happy Birthday Bill, and thanks for providing an always clear lens here at TDS.

  5. Congrats and thanks. I'm a daily reader...

  6. Congratulations on one year in the blogging business.

    Now you know why I write only one post a day 6 days a week, except Saturdays ;-)

    That hurts my page views -- few repeat visits except by those who comment -- but I am able to keep the quality high without getting too burnt out.

    Some friendly advice from a colleague.

    -- Dave

  7. Happy Birthday to TDS, well done Bill

  8. Great site Hicks!!! Keep it up. Woodcraft.