Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Photograph that Sums Up America Today

Image: In the midst of protests, New York City police officers stand near barricades surrounding "Charging Bull", the 7,100 lb bronze sculpture that symbolizes Wall Street and New York's financial district. September 17, 2011. Courtesy, Atlantic Magazine

So there you have it, the foot soldiers of the Empire defending the hideous symbol of the criminal elites' right to strip mine the wealth of the working and middle classes. You have to wonder what these cops will be thinking when the day finally comes that THEY are the ones who receive their pink slips.


  1. And receive them one day, they will.

    Surely the elites will figure out how they could replace their 100k a year salaries with 12$ an hour security guards.

    No one is safe from the budget ax.

  2. Brilliant photo... definitely shows who is being 'protected'.