Friday, January 27, 2012

UPS Closing Warehouse in Kentucky, 433 Jobs Lost

The "Tightest Ship in the Shipping Business" just got a little tighter. Here's a local Kentucky radio station with the story:
(Hebron, Ky.) - More than 500 people will lose their jobs after UPS closes a warehouse in Boone County.

UPS notified the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training on January 18 it will issue layoffs at its Supply Chain Solutions Building K warehouse at 1505 Worldwide Boulevard in Hebron by April 1.

The move will affect 542 employees according to the WARN notice submitted by the company. About 430 of the workers will be offered separation allowance or another position if it becomes available, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.
So what was explanation?
UPS says the move is due to losing a major account at that distribution center. The company said that account was Zulily, a Seattle-based online store, WCPO-TV reported.
So what can Brown do for you? Fire your ass if business is slow, of course.


  1. UPS is a union company (Teamsters) and Kentucky is a union state.

    Most of the employees will have the option to "follow their work" to another location. This may require them to move, but still it's a choice to hang on to your job or not.

    If the business that supported this UPS hub isn't shipping enough volume to justify a UPS operation in that location, why should the company continue to stay there? They are not obligated are they, to stay in a market that is unprofitable? You really can't run a business like that unless you're some kind of exempt charity. UPS is not a charity organization.

    (I worked for them for many many years)


    1. I had heard that UPS is still a union shop, as opposed to FedEx, and as a result does treat its employees/drivers better. I hope the actual layoffs will be minimal.

  2. Well this article is rather devoid of details.

    About 10 years ago UPS diverged into the 'logistics' business. When that happened, they fought tooth and nail to keep logistics system separate from their core shipping industry, which is unionized. They succeeded in keeping the two separate and unintegrated.

    From the wording and tone of this article (yes I looked at the original publication) I'm inclined to say that the "warehouse" in Kentucky which is being closed is a part of UPS Logistics system, and NOT a hub nor a participant of the UPS/Teamster Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    The original news post here is bereft of detail, vague, and without provenance.

    Without better information we cannot know if UPS closed a Logistics warehouse or a parcel processing hub; and what kind of union/non-union employees have been lost due to the closure of this facility.

    In other words, there is insufficient information at this time to deduce what the hell happened, according to {lack of} details in this article.

    We'll just have to wait for better info to see what was involved here.