Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Night Video - Patton Oswalt Skewers KFC

KFC announced this week that there will be layoffs at the company's corporate headquarters, as reported by
Burdened by lackluster results in its U.S. business, KFC Corp. laid off an unknown number of employees on Thursday at Yum! Brands headquarters in Louisville.
Being one of America's biggest purveyors of obesity and death, you just knew this particular corporation would be well versed in corporate FlackSpeak:
“We made the difficult but necessary decision to reorganize KFC to reduce cost, maximize efficiencies and better reflect our current business needs,” said Karen Sherman, senior director of communications at KFC Corp. “While we have increased investment in some positions, we also have eliminated others at our corporate offices and in the field.”
But wait...there's more:
“We are doing everything possible to help support those affected by the reorganization in their transition,” Sherman added in her emailed statement.
Yeah, I'll bet.

Actually, I have to hope that if someone at KFC is getting laid off, it will be the diabolical genius who invented the KFC Famous Bowls. Though I've never had one, their absolute sheer nastiness was brilliantly captured a couple of years ago in a very funny bit by comedian Patton Oswalt.

"Just make me a failure pile in a sadness bowl."


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