Saturday, January 21, 2012

DSC to Lay Off 130 in Roanoke, Texas

image: DSC is "ready for anything," except the continuation of the economic downturn

Texas has been getting hit pretty hard with layoff notices lately. Here is the Dallas Business Journal with the latest bad news:
DSC Logistics plans to lay off 130 employees at its Roanoke facility.

The Des Plaines, Ill.-based company told the Texas Workforce Commission that it notified employees about the layoffs on Wednesday.

Verlyn Suderman, DSC vice president and general counsel, told the commission in a letter that a “significant loss of business affecting the facility” prompted the layoffs.
Hey, at least DSC Vice President and General Counsel Verlyn Suderman didn't try to sugar coat it. Business is bad, which is the reason for the firings. There, now was that so hard?

Bonus: "Is it any wonder I'm not a criminal? Is it any wonder I'm not it jail?"


  1. Bill, wrong state...Roanoke TX.

  2. In other Roanoke news, the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke is not really is not a mystery at all, the colonists decided that colonial English life was shit, so they went and joined the nearby Indian tribes who lived freer and more personally fulfilling lives.

    "No European who has tasted Savage life can afterwards bear to live in our societies." Benjamin Franklin.

  3. @Anon#1 - you're right. Fixing it now.