Monday, January 2, 2012

December Blogging Statistics: TDS Really Takes Off

However much I might have expected a slowdown in the number of page views received by TDS blog during the holiday season, the exact opposite actually occurred. The number of page views actually exploded upward from just over 27,000 in November to more than 41,000 this past month. I am gratified and humbled to have received that kind of support. The comments have also been mostly fantastic, even if not always in agreement with me.

So once again, I'll put it out there as I do every month. If you know someone who might just be waking up to the new economic realities who might get something out of this blog, please pass it along to them. If nothing else, it's free!

Bonus: "He must have clearance...right?"


  1. I'm glad to hear about the blog's success. You do a great job, and deserve a much wider audience.

  2. Hosting a doomer blog, I expected - and realized - a significant drop in visits over the holidays. But then suddenly, from today's post, there was a surge in readers and some really traumatized comments. They even freaked me out! I've never received anything like this before:

    Your blog breaks my heart, Gail. Have been dipping into it for a few months now, every time I visit I see photos of the death and damage that we humans have done to trees just so we can drive around, and it's utterly heartbreaking, the havoc we cause to other life forms on this planet. I only visit your blog when I have psyched myself up for another emotional punch to the gut.

    I'm coming back in about ten million years to see how this all worked out! I just hope that's enough time.

    Forget resource wars in the Middle East, the rise of fascist governments, peak oil, rampant consumerism, et al. It is the death of the forests and the oceans which should be scaring us straight.

    But it isn't and that's even scarier!

    oh gail,
    the FEMA camps? really? where will they find food? the agricultural system is collapsing now, all over. and there was another news that US refuses to limit airplane transits. this is good news because when they will stop, the sky will clear and the machine will accelerate very fast.

    i am ready. the house is clean. so is my spirit/soul. i have means to ease my way out when bad comes to worse. when you stop writing, i will probably stop reading.

    today's pictures make me cry.

    i stopped seeing the persons who ridicule me, them being family, "friends" or acquaintances. i do not have time any more.

    love, michele

  3. @Gail - gads, that is really sobering. I try to use humor here at TDS under the theory that we few who are aware need to laugh to keep from screaming. But the scream is always there in the background, waiting for its chance to get out.