Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mayville Products Corp. To Close Wisconsin Plant - 130 Jobs Lost

This plant closing/layoffs announcement from The Business Journal was quite straightforward as these things go:
Mayville Products Corp. plans to close its factory in Mayville in Dodge County, leaving 130 workers without jobs.

The layoffs are expected to occur between March 19 and March 30, according to a plant closing notice filed Thursday with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

The sheet metal fabricating plant, 403 Degner Ave., is expected to permanently close on March 30.

“We are very sorry that business conditions have forced us to take this action,” the notice states. bullshit spin, no lame excuses for off shoring jobs to China--just a plain, simple, "business sucks, we're outta here." That was almost perversely refreshing.


  1. Nice standard of living you got there - be a shame if something happened to it...

  2. Being from Wisconsin,all I hear is Gov. Walker talking about how if we lower corporate taxes,then they'll create jobs. What a load of bull

    I enjoy your blog a lot Bill,keep up the good work

    1. Thanks, Mikey. One thing I miss from no longer living in Northern Illinois is taking trips up to Badger State. It's a shame that the likes of Walker and Paul Ryan currently hold sway in the land that once produced "Fighting Bob" La Follette.

    2. Walker's day is coming (I hope),but it doesn't appear that whoever is going to run against him is any better. There is a small group trying to get former Sen. Feingold to run,but he's been making it clear he doesn't want the job

    3. That's a shame about Feingold. He is one of the very few modern politicians I like.

    4. Feingold and Dennis Kucinich are the only 2 I have an inkling of respect for