Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michelle Bachmann Thinks the Soviet Union is Still a Military Threat

I swear, you just cannot make this stuff up. Here is, which might have a reason to take this story personally:
Even with Osama bin Laden out of the picture, America still has some big problems to worry about abroad. For one, there is still that looming threat of the Soviet Union. That’s what Michele Bachmann thinks, at least.

In an interview conducted today by Christian radio host Jay Sekulow, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann offered up her latest and perhaps funniest flub. According to the congresswoman, the USSR still poses a pretty big threat to the USA — even if the Union disbanded, oh, 20 years ago.

When asked on-air about what different people from coast-to-coast are telling Bachmann on her campaign trail, the GOP hopeful said that jobs and economy are obviously a big concern among Americans. That’s not all that’s on their minds, however.

“What people recognize is that there’s a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline,” said Bachmann. “They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward.”
And yet this is an individual to whom Newsweek magazine lent it's "credibility" by putting her on its cover as if she were a serious presidential candidate. Memo to Newsweek magazine: Your dead tree rag business model is all but finished. You're a dead magazine walking. And I for one look forward to the day when I can spit on your grave.


  1. I saw this earlier (maybe MoJo?). Seriously funny.

    Personally, I think she has no chance in a general election, but she will be an absolute quote machine during the primary. Her and Rick Perry in the same race at the same time? Fuhgeddaboudit... too much fun.

  2. One more step to hearing "Welcome to Costco - I love you"

  3. @bmerson - fun, except that President Hopey-Changey is crashing in the polls and SOMEBODY has to win this thing. I said in an earlier post that the pathetic state of the campaign is the first indication of Stage 3 of Dmitri Orlov's Five Stages of Collapse--political collapse.

  4. Hi there

    I'm new to your blog but I am enjoying what I read.

    I have to say that white letters on a black background are very hard to read though. Almost like the human eye does not resolve it well.

    Thank . . . Alan

  5. Scarey stuff, that a lot of people in the US think this woman is a potential contender in the election. Given all that's going on in the world we must be fast approaching peak bull***t.

  6. @Bill ... somebody has to win, I just don't think it will be her. That said, anything is possible. If the economy is bad enough (and I think it will be) and if enough democrats and independents stay home, then the radical right might have enough turnout to carry whatever crazy-of-the-day they nominate. However, if democrats turn out, they will vote democrat. If independents turn out, they tend to lean way more centrist than most of the GOP field. Hard to see them voting GOP for anybody other than somebody like Romney. I just don't see Bachmann or Perry being able to reinvent themselves as reasonable moderates. So, I suppose, it's mostly going to be about turnout and the economy. Like I said, anything can happen in the beauty contest we call an election.

    Of course, one could put on the doomer hat and go with the idea that collapse is inevitable, that our current system is utterly incapable of preventing or managing it, and that, therefore, the sooner we get the pain started, the sooner we can get past it. If that's your model you might be tempted to simply vote for Bachmann or Perry just to get the thing moving through the rest of Orlov's steps. ;-)

  7. @Alan - sorry about that. I've already lightened the background a couple of times and people have said that helps. I really like this color scheme, but I'll give it another nudge.