Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Night Music Video: "Shaky Ground" by Uncle Tupelo

Okay, time to get back to some more tunes from my You Tube channel (in other words, excellent songs by great artists who are criminally underappreciated in the era of American Idol). This is a simple little acoustic number from 20 years ago by Alternative Country trailblazers Uncle Tupelo, in which singer-songwriter Jay Farrar uses his world weary voice to convey the utter despair of the working class.
The memory of the miner
Who dragged himself to work
And worked himself to death
Working for someone else

We follow each other around
On shaky ground

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  1. Hey Bill, I've been missing you on the music thread. It is eclectic as always. I heard Molly Hatched mentioned in a DBT song and almost simultaneously you posted a tune by them here a bit ago. Nice.