Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like This Blog – Pass it Along!

Well, here we are, 48 hours from the supposed deadline on the debt-ceiling debacle. I’ve covered it pretty thoroughly on these pages, and now like everyone else am holding my breath to see what happens.

Instead of rehashing that whole mess yet again, I thought I would take advantage of a slow Sunday to thank my readership for all of their support. When I started blogging regularly back in May, I never anticipated that it would receive such an enthusiastic response. After garnering over 10,000 page views in June, The Downward Spiral has managed to top 14,000 in July. There is nothing more gratifying for any writer than to have people actually read what he or she writes.

Several commenters have told me that my stuff ought to be printed somewhere in the MSM or that I ought to be paid somehow for what I write. Well, I suffer no illusions that any corporate entity will ever agree to publish my stuff, so that’s out. As for getting paid, as you can see I have refused to turn on the Google Ads function here. Given how much the real Bill Hicks hated marketing, his ghost would probably come back and kick my ass if I did that.

I also haven’t put up a tip jar like many other bloggers do. That is not to denigrate them in any way. The simple fact is, I don’t really need the money, and this way if I get frustrated and decide to quit I won’t feel obligated to anyone.

All of that brings me to my main point. If you like this blog and want to support it, all I ask is that you pass the word along to someone you know who might actually get something out of it. The whole point of this endeavor first and foremost is to try to spread the word about what is coming in the near future to as many people as possible. If just a few read what I write and it spurs them out of their Hologram-induced complacency, it will have been worth it.


  1. It would be really easy to share individual posts if you add the gadget "Share it". Then, at the end of each post, readers would have the option to post to FB, Twitter, their own blog, and a few other places.

    Thanks for doing what you do and keeping with your standards.

  2. @Joan - thanks for the advice. I'm not terribly tech savvy, but I will look into that.

  3. Wow - that was easy. Thanks again, Joan!

  4. I regularly link to your posts from FB and google.

    If I can help lead one person to a source of enlightenment then I can rest easier that day.

    You have given me many days rest, thanks greatly and keep doing what you love most...

  5. @MNG - when you're doing what you love, compliments are always worth more than money!

  6. Heard about your site from Decline of the Empire and definitely will be coming back!

  7. Well done Bill, checking your blog has become part of my day. So much of the mainstream media is full of irrelevant rubbish, I rely on bloggers like you for some clear thinking about the situation we are in. Long may you roll.

  8. @MB & IWE - Hey, thanks guys. That's really nice of you to say!