Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Blogging Statistics: Over 10,000 Page Views!

Since we are heading into the Independence Day weekend and lots of people are hopefully off relaxing outdoors somewhere instead of cruising the Internet, my posting is going to be very light through the holiday.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my readers for making this blog such an overwhelming success in such a short period of time. The month of June was my first full month as a blogger, and just during that period The Downward Spiral received over 10,000 page views--averaging over 300 per day. When I started this project, I never expected to be doing nearly daily posts as I have been, and I can't promise that I will always be so prolific. After all, I usually have to edit each one about eight to ten times before I hit publish, and even then the occasional typo still manages to sneak through.

Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of my audience and all of the positive and thoughtful comments you have made both here and on the various discussion forums where I have linked these pieces has very much inspired me to work harder at it than I might have otherwise.

If you're in America, enjoy your holiday and if you are north of the border, Happy (belated) Canada Day! As for my friends in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere: cheers to you as well.

Now then, I hear a cold one in the refrigerator calling to me. Where's my bottle opener?


  1. Congrats! I've enjoyed your take on this downward spiral. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but after the demise of LATOC, it was nice to stumble on a familiar face.

    Have a good holiday!

  2. Congratulations, Bill. May you have a long and inspired run. I do so enjoy your posts. Now, go enjoy that cold one.


  3. Well done Bill, keep up the good work

  4. Congratulations Bill, 10k view in your first month is excellent. It probably helps that you avoid using terms in your blog like, “nonlinear regression,” “ANOVA,” and “Tukey test” and you keep it short—all the things that I haven’t learned:) Just don’t burn out when you hit “peak views” —nothing grows exponentially forever, you know.

  5. @Crash_Watcher - thanks for the shout out! I've recommended your blog numerous times on peak oil discussion forums. You do the heavy intellectual thinking so that dopes like me whose main talent is simply the ability to string a few phrases together look smarter than we are.