Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TE Connectivity Announces Layoffs as Middletown (Pennsylvania) Plant

Another mass layoff announcement, short, sweet and to the point, as reported by a local Pennsylvania television station:
TE Connectivity announced on Wednesday that numerous people lost their jobs on Wednesday as the data communication business downsized.

135 people were cut from the company, stretched out over 12 counties. Locally, 70 people in Middletown lost their jobs.

They were notified and the termination took place immediately. The company said it may be a few weeks before all 135 employees are laid off.

The cuts had nothing to do with the performance of employees, but due to the difficulties in the marketplace.
Once again, the mainstream media claims of an economic recovery are revealed as nothing more than lies when you drill down into the details.

Bonus: "Telling me lies...no alibis"

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  1. Someone certainly received a big bonus as a direct result of devastating 135 lives. Choke on it.