Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bose Corporation Shifting Jobs to Malaysia; 200 to be Laid Off

Here is a story from The State newspaper of South Carolina that dramatically illustrates the damage being wreaked upon America's manufacturing sector:
Bose Corp. is laying off 200 workers from its speaker plant near Blythewood as it transitions jobs to Malaysia, a company spokeswoman confirmed Friday.

The company, which peaked at 950 workers in 2003, according to previous reports in The State, has been shedding workers since then in several rounds of layoffs.

When the newest layoffs are complete, the plant could be down to around 200 workers, based on projections from previous layoff announcements.
Sadly, Americans are so asleep as to what is happening to them that the company doesn't even try to hide what they're doing or couch it in their public statements:
The company is building a manufacturing facility in Malaysia in 2013 to support its Asia-Pacific business, Cinotti said. During the transition, some of the work done in Blythewood will be transferred to plants in Mexico, she said.

“Bose is a global company with customers, stores, resellers and subsidiaries around the world,” Cinotti said in a statement. “We’re restructuring our manufacturing operations to respond to the distribution demands of a global business.

“The Bose South Carolina plant currently builds and ships products to our customers in North America – and overseas to our customers in Asia-Pacific.”
Some people, perhaps those who like my father were laid off during the corproate rais of the 1980s, think of the late British financer James Goldsmith as The Devil. Well, The Devil tried to warn Americans back in 1994 that this was going to happen. And now the whole country is going to hell.

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  1. Dr. Bose must be rolling over in his grave. Oh, forgive me. He's still alive, now living with his long-time German mistress after divorcing his Indian wife several years ago. Bose is all about tax avoidance, and screwing the American worker.

  2. Engineering is starting the slow creep to soon Bose will be nothing more than storefronts selling 'Made in China" sound all the others!

  3. Just recently stopped in a "Outlet Mall" in Michigan City, IN at the BOSE Store and asked if anything was made in USA. The closest was Mexico. I did see some store display models that had the Made in USA label so they were older models. Even the re-manufactured units were made in Mexico.