Monday, February 27, 2012

Casa Gallardo To 200 Missouri Employees: GTFO, We're Shutting Down

I think it was around last year at this time, before I started blogging here at TDS, that the Perkins restaurant chain shut down a bunch of its locations so abruptly that the wait staff actually had to kick some of the customers out in the middle of their meals. Well, here comes a story from of another chain shutting down locations almost as abruptly:
More than 200 Casa Gallardo employees are in shock after going to work Thursday only to learn it was their last day. All four restaurants in our area closed abruptly.

More than 200 people left work stunned. Employees of Casa Gallardo restaurants were told by corporate officials the restaurants would be closing for good, just minutes before the shutdown.

"They told us to call last call for alcohol and to tell our customers we were shutting down forever," said former employee Jessica Nickel.

That's how Nickel found out she was losing her job as a bartender with Casa Gallardo.

Thursday evening corporate officials from parent company "Real Mex Restaurants" flew in from California to shutdown the locations. Two hundred employees and 16 managers are now out of work.

Nickel has been at the Bridgeton location for about a month, and is three months pregnant.

"It was hard. A lot of us were crying, so, it was definitely difficult," she said.

Corporate officials say the decision to close the restaurants came about one week ago. Workers weren't informed until around 5 p.m. Thursday, just minutes before closing early.
Stay classy, assholes. And maybe someday it will be you escorted out of your comfy corporate offices with no fucking warning. At least, I hope so.

Bonus: "That's the way that it goes...when you're down here with the rest of us"


  1. Corporate flaks should be defenestrated. Hopefully with as little notice as these workers.

  2. What's the matter with you Mr. Bill Hicks? Didn't you listen to Marketplace tonight?? The economy is on the way to recovery. You can close the blog now.

    You're welcome.

  3. You've only been blogging for a year? I didn't know, but kudos for a job being well done. I like your site a lot.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Actually, my anniversary is not until May 7th. But thanks for the compliment!

  4. Those who lost their jobs at Casa Gallardo should apply at Seak and Shake. They are in need of good Servers and Production workers.