Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Blogging Statistics: A Super Sunday for TDS

Is there some kind of major sporting event going on today? I forget. No matter, this big news is that The Downward Spiral saw another huge jump in readership last month, surging from around 41,000 pages views in December to over 60,000 in January--and this despite the fact that I made one fewer post last month that the month before. I continue to be gratified by the enthusiastic response to the blog despite the often super depressing nature of its content.

Also, in case you missed the announcement last week, thanks to the miracle of modern self publishing and print on demand, The Downward Spiral is now available in book form. The format for the book is really quite simple. I took about 200 of the best posts from TDS for 2011, put them all into a manuscript and divided them into ten chapters by subject matter with a short introduction. The book also includes my highly popular Top 10 End of the World novels list and ends with the original eponymous short story that inspired the blog.

I've mentioned before that I refuse to turn on Google ads for this blog because of how the real Bill Hicks felt about marketing, and I don't ask for donations because I don't really need the money. But if you've enjoyed the blog and have wanted to show your appreciation, this is your chance. Heck, maybe you even know someone who is just waking up and for whom The Downward Spiral might make a great gift!

The price is set at $11.99 on Amazon, which leaves me about a $2 royalty per copy. For that you get 312 pages and about 95,000 words of TDS goodness. And the best part is, the copies of the book are printed right here in the good ol' USA (South Carolina, specifically), so I'm putting my money where my mouth is in terms of trying to support American jobs.

Anyway, if you are of a mindset, the book is available at the link below, or on the permanent link I've placed in the right column just below the page views counter. Once again, thank you for reading.

Buy it on Amazon

Bonus: Here's one of Bill's funniest bits that I'm not sure I'd find a place for otherwse. Enjoy!

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  1. ...going for the anit-capitalist, pro-USA jobs market...that's good, real smart...:D

    Keep up the great work and I'll be sure to make a purchase next week!