Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hanover Direct Mail Order Distribution Center (Virginia) Laying Off 189

Here's another sign of the slowdown in the economy and probably a contributing factor to the Postal Service's latest announced massive losses, from
Mail-order distributor Hanover Direct is laying off 189 employees from its Roanoke County distribution center, according to the Virginia Workforce Center website, which lists closures and layoffs.
The layoffs at the 750,000-square-foot center on Hollins Road are effective April 27, according to the website.

Hanover Direct's brands include The Company Store, Domestications, UnderGear, Scandia Home and Silhouettes.
Here is the reaction from the county:
Roanoke County's acting economic development director, Jill Loope, said the county is saddened by the job losses.

"We are working with Hanover Direct on these developments," Loope said. "We'll continue to help the company and their employees through this transition."
It doesn't sound to me like the company needs any help from you there, Ms. Loope. They seem to be able to lay off their employees quite easily on their own.


  1. "Thanks for playing our game, Roanoke County - and about those lovely parting gifts..."

  2. Is that why I haven't received my Company Store rug that I ordered back in April, and that they now say will ship on August 29?