Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mueller Copper Tube Products (Arkansas) to Lay Off 100

A factory fire cost some workers their jobs. Here is Arkansas Business.com with the details:
About 100 people in an eastern Arkansas town will lose their jobs after a copper tube company decided not to rebuild part of its plant that was destroyed by fire in September.

Wynne Mayor Bob Stacy said Thursday he received a letter from Mueller Copper Tube Products about the layoffs in the plastics division. Stacy says company officials wrote that "extensive evaluations" about the future of the plant had been conducted, and the decision was made not to rehire the workers.

He says the letter stated there were no plans to lay off other workers. Stacy says about 360 are employed there.

Mueller Copper Tube Products makes metal and plastic pipe fittings for plumbing and heating and air systems.
No doubt those "extensive evaluations" probably included a realistic assessment of whether the housing market is going to rebound anytime soon.


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  2. This individual according to the notice mentioned there have been absolutely no programs in order to place away some other employees. Stacy states regarding fish hunter 360 are utilized generally there.