Sunday, February 5, 2012

Forever Lazy: Idiocracy's Formal Wear

Since Super Sunday is the day in which tens of millions of people actually look FORWARD to seeing the latest inane and intelligence-insulting teevee commercials to spew forth from the reptilian minds of Madison Avenue hucksters, I thought this story would be appropriate. I rarely watch television and thus am not normally exposed to commercials for the latest awful products available in our mindless consumer economy. I thus don't have any way to judge how widely known the existence of the product advertised in the commercial linked below is. I'm not sure what represents the bigger indicator of the impending end of the empire: the fact that such an article of clothing as Forever Lazy even exists, that an oversized onesie is being marketed to alleged adult human beings or that the advertisement actually advocates it as appropriate attire to wear out in public.

The other thing the cracks me up about commercials like this is that the actors on the screen don't appear to be the kind of people who would ever be caught dead using such a product in real life. The perfectly symmetry would be to see someone wearing one of these while chowing down on one of those KFC Famous Bowls. Anyway, in case you are like me and had no idea that the American consumerism has hit yet another new low, here is the Forever Lazy in all of its appalling glory.