Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Night Music Video: "(Whatever Happened to) The Great American Bubble Factory?"

The outstanding Southern rock band Drivin'n'Cryin' had a brief boomlet of mass popularity when their muscular, guitar-driven 1990 antiwar song "Fly Me Courageous" became a hit among soldiers in the first Gulf War who completely misunderstood its message. Nearly 20 years later, lead singer Kevin Kinney and company recorded an album called, Great American Bubble Factory, which among other things laments what has become of small town America in the age of globalization. Here is the title track to that album, which, if we didn't have our heads shoved so far up our collective asses, would have been a bigger hit than any of that shit you hear on American Idol.


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  1. The first half of the album Fly Me Courageous was classic! Did not know they this album out, thanks for pointing out, listening now! Thanks ThreeEs