Friday, February 3, 2012

One Percenter Madonna Advises Fans to "Save Their Pennies" to Buy Her $300 Concert Tickets

I read an article the other day about the political troubles Willard Mitt Romney is having because of his wealth that included the usual admonishment that people shouldn't hate him just because he's rich. Okay, I won't hate him for being born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass, but how about if I hate him because he's rich and he's an asshole about it? Because "asshole" is really the only way to describe a filthy rich fucker who comes right out and says he doesn't care about poor people.

In that vein, perhaps washed up popular "music" icon Madonna should record a campaign song for Willard. After all, she has the same "let 'em eat cake," attitude as The Mittster, according to this story from Star
Madonna refuses to sympathize with fans who grumble about the escalating price of her concert tickets - insisting they should "start saving" their money because she's "worth it."

Tickets for the singer's live shows are always in high demand, allowing promoters to list them at premium prices, despite some complaints from devotees about having to dig deep to afford mediocre seats.

But Madonna, who is planning to hit the road later this year, is unconcerned - because she guarantees ticketholders will have a good time at her gigs.

She tells Newsweek magazine, "Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I'm worth it."
Actually, Ms. Ciccone, I wouldn't pay three fucking cents for a front row seat at one of your horrible shows, even if you threw in a free pair of ear plugs. You should just count your self lucky that we live in a society in which tens of millions of people have more money than brains (or taste), because otherwise you'd be standing outside a subway station somewhere, busking for enough money to buy a fifth of vodka to drown out the pain stemming from the realization of what a talentless piece of shit you are.

Bonus: Bill almost certainly was not a big fan of Madonna - "When did mediocrity and banality become a good role model for your children?"


  1. That mediocrity is still "performing"? You couldn't PAY ME $300 to sit through one of her concerts.

    How 'bout including labels for "mediocrity" and possibly "banality"? (Although "assholocracy" fits perfectly.)

  2. Madonna is almost a perfect symbol for why America is so completely f**ked. She rose to fame in the 80's (when America's decline really started) not because of her talented singing voice or acting, but because she had a nice set of knockers.

    Songs like "Material Girl" really set the stage for where our culture was going. Hey kids, the most important things in life are the ones you can buy! Get on that now! The culture followed that out the window giving birth to all sorts of useless yet fashionable crap. You won't have to look too hard today to find people with tens of thousands of dollars of debt that they spent getting worthless crap (not even houses or cars, but 600 pairs of shoes they will never wear. I've met these people!!!).

    Like America, Madonna had her binge materialistic phase, her pseudo spiritualistic phase, and her current phase of being so overly entitled and out of touch that she talks down to the morons that still listen to her. Think Congress.

    Maybe we should just replace the statue of liberty with one of her. After all, liberty is already out the window anyway. We can replace the poem "The New Colossus" with this:

    Give me your stupid, your poor yet willing to pay high interest rates on credit cards,
    Your huddled masses yearning to pay $300 to see Madonna because she is worth it,

  3. It's well know that she's had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, but she's really looking pretty creepy in the title pic.

    "...Tickets for the singer's live shows are always in high demand, allowing promoters to list them at premium prices..." Really? Who wants to bet me that these performances fail to sell out, or are staged in a smaller venue so they won't be forced to hawk as many tickets?

    She's finished. And scary looking.


    1. Yep - I can't imagine who wants to see a middle aged former sexpot lurching around the stage, lip syncing to 25-year-old songs that sucked when they were new.

  4. An Irish music critic described her most recent album as “like listening to your granny sing Brittany Spears at the Karoke night”. What a self important idiot she is.

  5. Sometime I think 'who gives a shit!?'. If morons want to spend their hard-earned on junk like this then let them. What do I care? I look on it as a sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest which sieves the stupid out of the mix.

    Other times, though, I think that we work best as a community and we should help to protect the less intelligent, or more naive, individuals from such predators.
    If we can do this then collectively we can prosper.

    I just don't know what to think.

  6. Saw her music videos during the eighties, didn't like her at all back then. I thought she was awful, and I really hated her music and singing. I am amazed she is still performing and getting people to pony up $300 for a ticket to see her live. What a shame. She should seriously just retire and quietly fade away. The eighties were long ago and far away. A whole different day and age.

  7. Bunch of Jealous fucks. Madonna rules! Her first 14 shows of her tour so far grossed over 50 million. Madonna is a LEGEND!!! Suck it haters!

  8. I have friends who love her to bits. I've never been into Madonna Ciccone's music or image, but i do like Chris Cunningham's music vid 'Frozen' that he made for her.... now he is a truly talented person!

    There is no need to criticise the lady. She is an amazing individual with a passion to know and she loves to entertain. No one knows who she really is in private.