Monday, February 13, 2012

Idaho National Laboratory to Lay Off 185

Continuing on with the pile up of mass layoff notices, here is a local Idaho television station report:
Officials with the Idaho National Laboratory announced Thursday the need to lay off up to 185 workers.

The cuts are part of a cost-reduction effort site-wide.

The INL says they will lay off employees on a voluntary basis at first then determine which additional cuts should be made.
Other than the nebulous "cost reduction," there was no other explanation given for this move, although I also found this story from last November:
At least 17 people were irradiated after a blackout in the Idaho National Laboratory (USA) which were carried out research in the nuclear field, the Western media reported referring to an official statement of the laboratory on Wednesday.

The accident occurred Tuesday evening when cleaning the premises containing containers of radioactive substances. The statement said that staff has been exposed to radiation following the accidental opening of a container.

Bonus: Just a little Idaho indie rock tune

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