Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heinz Closing Kent (Washington) Food Processing Plant in March

Here's yet another brief plant closing and layoff story from the Seattle Times that tells the real truth about the current economic conditions:
Food-products company H.J. Heinz said Friday it will close its factory in Kent March 30.

The plant, which makes frozen soups for restaurant operators, employs about 100, Heinz said. In a statement, the Pittsburgh-based company attributed the closure to "the difficult conditions in which the company is operating," and said it was part of a plan, announced in November, to shut down three factories.

Heinz did not elaborate. But the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported in November that the company's Foodservice division, which includes the Kent plant, has suffered from commodity price increases and lackluster dining-out trends.
There really isn't much I can add to that.

Bonus: Thanks to that damn ketchup commercial, I can't think about Heinz without this song popping into my head


  1. I work at this plant and havent worked there for too long and I really liked the job. It is really shitty that this is happening.

  2. WOW!!! I just saw that you had a post about cryovac closing and we used cryovac to package the soup at heinz soups in kent. The economy is still on its way down the toilet.