Monday, February 6, 2012

Stanley Black & Decker, Adventist Cutting 242 Jobs in Baltimore Area

Announcement: The mass layoff notices continue to come in fast and furious. Since I want to keep track of these, for those that are run of the mill I'm going to start putting them up as a fourth late evening daily post with minimal commentary.

In that spirit, here is the Baltimore Business Journal (note that there are actually two different layoff stories here):
Stanley Black & Decker is closing a West Baltimore facility and cutting 142 jobs, according to a notice with the state’s labor department. Meanwhile, Adventist Behavioral Health is closing a Crownsville facility and laying off 100 people, a separate filing with the state said.

Stanley Black & Decker plans to close its Baltimore Protection Net Center on Sisson Street, the filing said. The layoffs will take place in waves, starting April 1-14, and ending with a Oct. 23-Nov. 6 wave.
That's -242 more jobs in Maryland. Anyone still believe the nonsense spewed forth by the Bureau of Labor Lying Statistics?


  1. Any possibility you might consider compiling a list of the companies who've gone belly up/downsized and the number of jobs lost? Maybe put it as a link on your site's side bar? Just a suggestion. Thanks.

    Also - I have a very fast computer, and even websites with huge quantities of data load quickly. But yours takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, every time. Any idea why?

    1. Hi Patrick - sorry to hear about the slow loading of the blog. I may adjust the front page so not as many posts show when you open it, maybe that will help.

      As for the other suggestion, there already is a list something like that at the website Daily Job Cuts, which is on my links list.