Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7-11 Store Owners: Online Lottery Sales Could Mean Massive Layoffs

It has been apparent for many years that the continuing advancements in technology are no longer contributing to progress in our society but have in fact become a zero sum game. Here is CBS Chicago with the latest details:
Owners of 7-Eleven stores are warning of massive layoffs to come, unless the Illinois Lottery protects them from competition from the online sales that are expected to start this year.

As WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports, the franchise owners say they online lottery sales could force them to lay off 7,000 employees statewide.

Joe Rossi, the head of the Chicago franchise owners’ association, estimates lottery sales bring in 30 percent of the business at 7-Elevens, because lottery buyers buy an average of $5 in goods on top of their tickets.

Rossi says he is not trying to block internet lottery sales, just suggesting the lottery find a way to protect 7-Eleven lottery business and jobs.

Rossi is recommending that the state Lottery require players to fill up a Lottery credit card at 7-Elevens – leaving the store owners with their present 5 percent cut of the business – rather than allowing players to gamble without limit on their credit cards on line at home.
Memo to Joe Rossi: nothing personal, but go fuck yourself. In case you haven't noticed, countless millions of factory workers have been losing their jobs for the past couple of generations thanks to technological innovations and globalization. If we collectively were not willing to try and protect the livelihoods of people who actually built something for living, why would we suddenly start caring about 7-Eleven clerks?

How many of the items stocked on the shelves at 7-Eleven are made overseas because it's cheaper? Perhaps, while we are needlessly burdening lottery players just to protect your company, we should also enact high tariffs to bring the jobs back to America destroyed by 7-Eleven's insistance on purchasing those imported goods just to maximize your bottom line. In fact, I'd rather do that since I don't give a flying fuck about a predatory lottery system designed to separate lower income people from money they cannot afford to spend.

Funny how everybody in America is all about singing the praises of the "progress" that technology and globalization supposedly brings until the day comes that it actually affects their own bottom line. Then they suddenly get all butthurt and protectionist on us.

Bonus: "When I win the lottery, I'm gonna buy all the girls on my street a color teevee and a bottle of French perfume"

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  1. Blatant Chicago-style fascism.