Monday, December 5, 2011

This is Such a "Wonderful Operation" that We're Laying You Off

To be honest, I was not really familiar with the Windstream corporation, but according to a report late last week, the company merged with competitor PAETEC and has begun laying off PAETEC employees:
Having acquired PAETEC Wednesday night, Windstream moved quickly to restructure its new operations.

On Thursday, Arkansas-based Windstream let 280 former PAETEC employees know that they would not stay on with the company.

Fifty two of those employees were based in Rochester, leaving a local workforce of around 900.

Windstream did point out, however, that more job cuts were likely over the course of the next year.

Positions eliminated Thursday belonged to marketing, human resources and accounting departments.
Seems like a fairly unremakable story about a corporate merger costing people their jobs, doesn't it? That's what I thought, until I read the Corporate FlackSpeak:
"It was based on duplication of positions with our corporate staff in Little Rock," said Joe Marano, Windstream’s Senior Vice President of Business and Financial Services.

Marano said the merger turns Windstream into a $6 billion telecommunications company.

He also reiterated the company’s support for an office based in Midtown while maintaining the operations in the Perinton facility.

"This is a wonderful operation and in this industry we need every arrow in the quiver to be successful," he said.
No offense there, Mr. Marano, but I really wish someone would take one of those arrows out of that quiver and shoot you in the ass with it. These are REAL PEOPLE whose jobs are being destroyed just to improve the corporate bottom line and fatten your fucking bank account. Show a little respect, or kindly STFU.


  1. Yes indeed those are real people.
    Not so for the psychopathic money managers.

  2. No, to managers and the spreadsheet brigade they are nothing but numbers, and costs to be cut to improve profitability. Just more proof that the golden calf of the capitalist system, the profit motive, is a rotten egg.

  3. Bill:

    I live in Nebraska, where Windstream has quite a few offices, and they are quietly closing them without letting the public know. This started last summer.

  4. I'm not sure why they would need to "let the public know".

    On the other hand, I sure hope that they are letting the incompetent keystone kops that don't know what equipment is deployed at a location, or how to fix it.

    Whatever MORON decided to put all support tickets into a 24 hour holding queue needs to be dragged behind a pick up truck on a strong rope.