Saturday, December 31, 2011

NeighborhoodScout’s Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

image: Saginaw, Michigan looks more tranquil than the crime statistics would indicate

At the link is an interesting interactive list of the U.S. cities (over 25,000 in population) with the highest crime rates per capita. I have to admit that you could have given me a 100 guesses as to which city would come up at number 1, and I never would have picked Saginaw, Michigan.

The full list is below in reverse order.
100 Reading, PA
99 Richmond, CA
98 Lawton, OK
97 Knoxville, TN
96 Ocala, FL
95 Chattanooga, TN
94 East Palo Alto, CA
93 Rock Hill, SC
92 Sarasota, FL
91 Houston, TX
90 Charleston, WV
89 Lowell, MA
88 San Bernardino, CA
87 Jackson, TN
86 Albany, NY
85 Miami Beach, FL
84 Holyoke, MA
83 Toledo, OH
82 Tallahassee, FL
81 Cleveland, TN
80 Prichard, AL
79 Trenton, NJ
78 Panama City, FL
77 Chicago, IL
76 Fall River, MA
75 Pompano Beach, FL
74 Albany, GA
73 North Miami, FL
72 Hallandale, FL
71 Baton Rouge, LA
70 Columbia, TN
69 Anchorage, AK
68 Brockton, MA
67 Milwaukee, WI
66 Springfield, MA
65 Lima, OH
64 Fort Myers, FL
63 Melbourne, FL
62 Minneapolis, MN
61 Tulsa, OK
60 Little Rock, AR
59 Cincinnati, OH
58 Norristown, PA
57 Buffalo, NY
55 New Bedford, MA
54 Cleveland, OH
53 Hot Springs, AR
52 Kansas City, MO
51 Poughkeepsie, NY
50 Miami, FL
49 Farmington, NM
48 Birmingham, AL
47 Battle Creek, MI
46 North Little Rock, AR
45 Philadelphia, PA
44 St. Petersburg, FL
43 Atlanta, GA
42 Springfield, IL
41 Rockford, IL
40 Homestead, FL
39 Washington, DC
38 North Charleston, SC
37 Lafayette, LA
36 Sumter, SC
35 Lake Worth, FL
34 Alexandria, LA
33 Pine Bluff, AR
32 Inkster, MI
31 Stockton, CA
30 Daytona Beach, FL
29 Baltimore, MD
28 Harrisburg, PA
27 Atlantic City, NJ
26 Orlando, FL
25 Harvey, IL
24 Florence, SC
23 Louisville, KY
22 Newburgh, NY
21 Myrtle Beach, SC
20 Riviera Beach, FL
19 Chelsea, MA
18 Bossier City, LA
17 Flint, MI
16 Fort Pierce, FL
15 Petersburg, VA
14 Detroit, MI
13 Memphis, TN
12 Bessemer, AL
11 Pontiac, MI
10 Oakland, CA
9 Wilmington, DE
8 Spartanburg, SC
7 St. Louis, MO
6 Camden, NJ
5 West Memphis, AR
4 Salisbury, MD
3 Las Vegas, NV
2 Chester, PA
1 Saginaw, MI

Bonus: "Warriors...come out to playyyyyy"


  1. Bill,

    I'm not sure if you have seen this article. I caught it in the Sacramento Bee yesterday.

    It's a wonderful example of how even the Iraqis who actually did greet the US as liberators have been used up and discarded by the Imperial Machine.


  2. /snark Vegas *only* came in at #3? /end snark. That's cause for celebration! Usually we're #1 in 'worst cities' lists lol. It's a gas to explain Vegas to people who only know this town as tourists - which really are legion. Oh how I would love to give people the real tour of this fabled city!

  3. Hey Bill, you want to do an article about what is really going on? Come to Vegas. I'll show you the strip, up close and personal - especially the north end. You can meet and report on reality outside of D.C. - I'll introduce you to people who live in caves, the folks who live in the storm tunnels. Also we who live elsewhere in the valley. I can physically protect you, don't be afraid.

  4. @Daniel - I've actually seen a little bit of it. The only time I have ever visited Vegas was about three years ago just as things were starting to get really bad for the casinos. One afternoon, I was driving my rental car just a few blocks off the strip, turned a corner and saw what looked like a crack deal going down right in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

  5. @Jason - disturbing article, thanks. Nope, no potential there for the eventual eruption of an all out civil war. Mission Accomplished and all of that happy horseshit.

  6. This is the most bogus list i have ever seen in my life. Where is Youngstown Ohio one of the most dangerous cities in America and thats a fact or even Compton

  7. The reason Saginaw comes in at #1 is due more to the political map of the urban area than to actually having the most crime. In Michigan, it's difficult to incorporate surrounding cites which has made white flight even more detrimental. Saginaw, for instance, is surrounded by Saginaw Township. If you included Saginaw Township in the total population, the per capita averages drop quickly.