Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heading South...

As of tomorrow, this blog will be on hiatus for about a month as your faithful blogger heads way down south (as in far beyond the U.S. border) to get out of the winter cold that makes his chemo inflicted neuropathy even more painful and uncomfortable. Hopefully, I'll come back full of new topic ideas because I'll admit to having trouble coming up with anything fresh to say lately that I haven't said repeatedly already.



  1. Yep, we’ve pretty much said it. Have a nice trip! ☺

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful articles, your articles have made me much more aware of the games that are played. :-)

  3. 10-4 good buddy. Catch ya on the flip-flop.

  4. Six or so posts by the 19th of the month may point to your complaint about coming up with material. As to your complaint about pain, I think you have a nice solution.
    There is a Nietzsche quote about living, suffering, and surviving. I am sure you know it. I hope your plan works out.

  5. Well i hope you are having fun and at least missing the nasty weather.

    Much love!